Friday, 29 June 2018 08:30

Warrants executed in search of eagle answers

The Department of Environment Land Water and Planning (DELWP) forest and wildlife officers on Tuesday executed a number of warrants on properties around Tubbut and Orbost, related to the investigation of the death of 136 wedge-tailed eagles and four other native birds in East Gippsland. Manager of intelligence and investigations unit, Iain Bruce, said that the four properties were searched under warrant by 45 DELWP, Parks Victoria, Victoria Police and other agency officers. “Our teams searched the properties yesterday to look for items that may assist our ongoing investigation,” he said on Wednesday.

“A number of items were seized, including a four-wheel drive vehicle, two animal traps, phones, computers, documents, chemicals, unsecured ammunition and a number of additional native animal skulls, one of which is believed to be a wedge-tailed eagle. “This was an important component of our investigation, in addition to the 136 dead wedge-tailed eagles and other birds recently seized from properties. “We cannot stress the importance though of relevant information that comes from the community that can assist our investigations. “The best way for anyone to provide us information is through Crimestoppers online or via the phone, which can be given confidentially if you wish.”