Wednesday, 02 May 2018 08:52

School bus in crash

A school bus was involved in a three-car collision on the outskirts of Bairnsdale on Monday evening. Fortunately, the driver had finished his school pickups and drop offs and the bus was empty when the accident happened at about 4.45pm on Forge Creek Road. Police say the bus was returning from Paynesville from its school run when it slowed to give way to a four-wheel-drive that was travelling in a southerly direction and was turning right. A second 4WD, also travelling in a southerly direction, failed to slow down and rammed the turning vehicle from behind, pushing it into the path of the oncoming bus. A South Australian couple, aged in their 20s, who were travelling in the vehicle that was hit, were taken to the Bairnsdale Hospital to be treated for minor injuries but later released. Police investigations are continuing but the 20-year-old probationary driver of the vehicle, a male, who allegedly caused the collision, is expected to be charged. The 49-year-old female driver of the bus was treated at the scene by ambulance personnel and taken to hospital for further observation.

(Photo: Greg Carter)