Monday, 23 October 2017 08:53

Cycling for cancer cause

Che Buckley’s epic 312 kilometre bike ride will come to an end today when he rides into Gippsland Grammar, Bairnsdale, after leaving Wangaratta three days ago. Che, still only 12 years old, has trained for months in preparation for the monumental journey, raising money for the Cancer Council Victoria’s research program. So far he has raised almost $5000 through a GoFundMe page, school fundraising and a local gym session run by Vee McShane at the HIIT Factory. He is currently selling raffle tickets for a raffle that has been generously donated prizes by a number of local businesses. Che knows the impact cancer has on not only the patient, but their friends and family after one of his school friends was diagnosed last year. Losing of his great grandmother a few years ago and then the diagnosis of his friend and ongoing treatment of breast cancer for his grandmother earlier this year has spurred Che into action.

Che did some research and found out that cancer was the leading cause of disease in Victoria and that more than 300 people in Bairnsdale alone were diagnosed with a malignant cancer every year. He then visited the local oncology ward and spoke to people undergoing chemotherapy. His concern for the invasive and painful treatments that many people must endure in their quest to fight cancer has inspired him to assist in the research that may lead to more effective and gentler treatments for those with cancer. When Che arrives at Gippsland Grammar he will be accompanied by his father, Ryan Buckley, and for the final leg from Bruthen to Bairnsdale, East Gippsland Shire mayor, Cr Joe Rettino, plans to join hm. Gippsland Grammar Bairnsdale principal, Virginia Evans, recognised Che’s tremendous efforts and nominated him for the Fred Hollows Victorian junior Humanitarian Ambassador award. Incredibly, Che won this award and will be presented with this honour at a ceremony in Melbourne this Thursday.